A New Outlet!

Lately I’ve been feeling down and out about my writing. It seemed like I was writing the same story, with the same type of characters, in the same genre. I was getting bored and frustrated. It didn’t help any that no matter how hard I’d try, I was never able to get my stories out there like I’ve wanted to. It really bummed me out.

So my fiance suggested that I should try a new outlet for my writing. That maybe the young adult genre might not be for me. He also suggested that I focus on things other than my writing (which I’m getting to eventually). Originally I was like, no way. I mean writing YA books were what I did…what I knew I was good at. I’ve never even touched another genre…it just never happened.

But I was thinking about it last night and I realized (after doing a bit of research) that there was an idea that I could actually work with. It’s a kernel of an idea but it includes changing my genre from YA stories (which I will still write eventually) to something completely different. A children’s book.

I never thought about writing a children’s book, not more than a passing thought at least, but as I thought about it I couldn’t help but to ask myself why I hadn’t thought of it before. Something clicked in my head and it fit so well that it felt like I had the thought in my head all along. Weird, right?

Thus, I decided to test my hand in writing a children’s book. A book that not only entertains the kids but kind of has a moral/lesson as well. This is going to be my first attempt so I’m sure that it’s not going to be so easy but I’m really excited about it. I’m excited about the prospect of producing something different and I’m excited about expanding my writing abilities. This is going to be a new, eye-opening journey. A journey that I’ve been needing for quite some time.